Hope Church is...

Hope Church is a vital congregation in the heart of Morris County. Our doors are always open to anyone seeking fellowship and community, spiritual growth and encouragement, or support and help.  

We offer a wide range of ministries for men, women, students, children and other special interests. The heart of our ministry is our Sunday Morning worship service where we all join together to celebrate God’s grace and experience His glory.

Hope Church has been an active part of the community since a group of visionaries held the first worship service in the Randolph Middle School Palm Sunday, 1999. We have grown quite a bit since that small beginning. Over the years hundreds of people have been blessed by the ministry of Hope Church. 

While the world around us continues to change at a frantic pace, we believe the things that matter most never change. We continue to work to connect everyone with the love and grace of God revealed through his Son, Jesus.